Our BLOG focuses on a Louisiana family as we go through life exploring three important elements of simple living which is family, food, and fun. All this combined with faith, centers us and nourishes our happiness. Come along with our journey, help each of us to grow, and to live a Louisiana Simple Life.

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Quick Spicy Pickled Urizun Japanese Winged Beans

Walking out in the garden, I noticed I needed to go ahead and harvest some of my Urizun Japanese Winged Beans before they got too big. I went ahead and harvested them and decided to make some quick “refrigerator-style” spicy pickled beans. I’m glad that I did as I love everything pickled and these areContinue reading “Quick Spicy Pickled Urizun Japanese Winged Beans”

Plant Spotlight: Urizun Japanese Winged Bean

Join Louisiana Simple Living in this new series casting a spotlight on various really cool plants that I grow in my backyard organic raised bed garden. The first plant in the spotlight is the Urizun Japanese Winged Bean. This exotic and tropical plant grows great in Zone 9A. Check out all the bean pods andContinue reading “Plant Spotlight: Urizun Japanese Winged Bean”

DIY Automated Drip Irrigation System For Raised Beds

If you want a step-change approach to your backyard garden, go ahead and build a DIY automated drip irrigation system for your raised beds. It’s so critical when you have to work late or want to spend a weekend away with your significant other or friends. I have used this system all around my suburbanContinue reading “DIY Automated Drip Irrigation System For Raised Beds”

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