Our BLOG focuses on a Louisiana family as we go through life exploring three important elements of simple living which is family, food, and fun. All this combined with faith, centers us and nourishes our happiness. Come along with our journey, help each of us to grow, and to live a Louisiana Simple Life.

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Don’t Drink Cheap Spiked Eggnog – Make Coquito

How many times do you pick up a bottle of spiked eggnog from the grocery store on the way to a New Year’s eve party. Was it as good as you hoped? That’s the reason for making Coquito. This is a Puerto Rican take on eggnog and is out of this world. Enjoy and HappyContinue reading “Don’t Drink Cheap Spiked Eggnog – Make Coquito”

Cajun Meat and Cornbread Dressing

One of my go-to’s when it comes to holidays is the Cajun Meat and Cornbread Dressing. It was a recipe that my Grandmother-in-law created and has now been passed down to my family. This is an extremely easy yet delicious recipe that anybody can make. Give this recipe a try and you will not beContinue reading “Cajun Meat and Cornbread Dressing”

How to make Honey Pickled Radish: From Garden to Jar

I’m always looking for a way to preserve my fresh produce to ensure I can enjoy them throughout the year. I decided to look for a way to preserve radishes as I have an excess of Chinese Shawo Fruit radishes from the backyard organic raised bed garden. Harvesting and Preparing the Radish I picked aboutContinue reading “How to make Honey Pickled Radish: From Garden to Jar”

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