A Big Shout Out to the “Other” Essential Workers

COVID-19 has illuminated some real heroes in our society including law enforcement, first responders, and medical staff. They have been put in the line of fire while “shelter at home” rules were implemented and the public as a whole went into something akin to hibernation. We can never thank them enough and the journey’s not over. However, there is another set of essential workers that haven’t gotten much more than a passing thought: plant workers.

Petrochemical Plant
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

That’s right. Plant workers are those fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, that have never been able to “shelter at home” and never skipped a beat. Day after day, they went into those oil refineries, chemical plants and other industrial plants working in a high risk environment even as the Pandemic began spreading throughout their community. They might be a plant operator, a pipefitter, a millwright, a scaffold builder, a boilermaker, a safety technician, a laborer, or any other of the many highly skilled crafts/positions who go into work, day after day, performing their job to keep our economy moving forward.

The backbone of our economy is the various companies that build, operate, and maintain the petrochemical and other industrial manufacturers that are especially prevalent in Southeast Louisiana but are represented all across this great nation. Refineries provide gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, and other petroleum derivatives while chemical manufacturers and other industrial plants produce various chemicals including Chlorine, Ammonia, MDI, Phenol, Hydrogen, Methanol, Caustic Acid and thousands of other feedstocks that are used to produce a myriad of everyday products across many industries, including the automotive, construction, defense, electronics, food, health care and metal production. Without these unsung heroes, our economy would be much, much worse than it is today. For that, we owe these guys and gals a ton of gratitude!

Thanks from Louisiana Simple Living!!!

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  1. Well Done!!! It’s about time for someone to give credit to the “hidden heroes” that sacrifice for our entire country ALL the time!!!

    1. Yeah, some had to take a cut in pay but many also got laid off as well. Without the ones working, our economy would be much worse and for that I’m thankful!

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