Quick Get-away to Gulf Shores, AL

We recently took the opportunity to spend a long weekend at a beach condo in Gulf Shores, AL. Erin, Ryan, Amanda and I left after everybody got off work on a Thursday and returned Sunday afternoon. It was great to get away and out of the house after staying around town so much due to COVID-19. As I’ve stated on previous posts, we won’t let COVID-19 or anything keep us from making memories. We do it safely of course, but still make it happen!

This is a straight shot from BR to Alabama on I-12/I-10 then a right turn at Buc-ee’s and head South to Gulf Shores. It’s an understatement but you’ve got to stop by a Buc-ee’s if you can. If you have never been to one we highly recommend it. This is a layed-back drive despite those certain drivers who drive slow in the left lane or those trucks that pull out in the left lane attempting to pass another truck even though they are not doing 70 mph themselves!! Where did they learn to drive, or do they just don’t care about other people? Nevertheless, road rage doesn’t usually help, so just be patient. I don’t know about you but the closer I get to the beach or wherever destination I’m headed to, the more excited I get.

Heading into Mobile
Heading into the Mobile tunnel (about to hold my breath)
Buc-ee’s near Loxley, AL

We stayed at one of the Phoenix Suites West buildings. It was a nice place and just right for a long weekend. Our main purpose of the trip was planning for this BLOG and upcoming YouTube channel, along with some down time fishing, visiting the beach and just spending time together away from the hustle and bustle of work and home.

A familiar grocery store from Louisiana is Rouse’s. It was a short distance from the Phoenix Suites. We picked up a few items for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We did save the last night for a dinner out. Bahama Bob’s was next door to the Phoenix Suites and man it didn’t disappoint. The quality and quantify of food was great and the bill was too.

A few pictures from on the beach:

Weather was not great, and surf was way up!
Attempt at surf fishing with surf way up!
Sand Crab in Amanda’s hand
Amanda Designing our Logo
Alabama mandated masks – No problem with us, although a lot of people weren’t wearing them.

Some pictures from off the balcony:

Windy Rough Beach
Don’t see a beach wedding every day!
Watching sand crabbers on the beach
Artistic view of the pool at night

The trip was great and everybody had a good time. Time spent with family and friends is always worth it because you never know when it might not be available. Come check out the beach yourself with your family and/or friends, make memories, and enjoy the simple life together.

Enjoy! Remember, if you can dream it, you can do it!

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