Halloween DIY – Faux Wrought Iron Fence

This post will show you how to build your own DIY faux wrought iron fence for Halloween decorations.

Halloween DIY – A Scary Coffin

This post demonstrates how easy it is to build a scary coffin for Halloween decorations. It was a fun build and got to spend some time making memories with my son. Go to Louisiana Simple Living on YouTube for more information on the build.

Roasted Salsa Verde – From Garden to the Jar

Salsa Verde is a sauce or salsa made from tomatillos that you might recognize as that delicious greenish salsa you dip your tortilla chips in at your favorite Mexican restaurant.  Other common uses include as an enchilada sauce, salsa for tacos, and a cooking sauce for chicken, pork or fish.  There is nothing more satisfyingContinue reading “Roasted Salsa Verde – From Garden to the Jar”

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